Advanced Facial Reflexology                (Bergman Method)

Facial Reflexology combines all the therapeutic benefits of Reflexology with the luxury of a Facial Massage. The Bergman  method is a gentle relaxing treatment which not only de-stresses and balances your body but also has a direct rejuvenating effect on the skin and leaves the face glowing and radiant.

In addition to the benefits of foot reflexology, facial reflexology benefits include - Improves circulation of the face and head, relieves mental strain, improves concentration, helps to relieve sinusitis/congestion, can help relieve headaches and improves lymphatic drainage of face

Facial Reflexology 40 minutes  €40.00

Top to  Top Reflexology (Facial & Foot Reflexology) 1hour 10 minutes €60.00

Holistic Facial Massage 

Holistic Facial Massage includes cleanse, tone, hydrating mask and moisturiser using Neal Yard Remedy products which are natural organic products. This Holistic Facial Massage also includes massage of the neck, shoulders and scalp. This extremely relaxing treatment increases blood and lymph circulation in the face which brightens the complexion, tones facial muscles, relieves pressure to the sinuses, reduces tension headaches, improves concentration and promotes restful sleep. 

Holistic Facial Massage  45 minutes €50.00

Deluxe Facial (includes 30 minutes reflexology) €65.00

Full Facial & Full Reflexology combo   1 hour 30 minutes €80.00