Reflexology is an non invasive alternative therapy. It works on the principle that the reflex areas in the feet correspond to glands, organs and parts of the body. It is a unique method, applying gentle pressure on these reflex areas with various techniques to stimulate the movement of energy and nerve supply to the body and its systems and enhancing the body's healing. A Reflexology session is a wonderful way to reduce stress, promote healing, improve circulation and restore balance to the body.

One treatment can be a great pick me up while a course of treatments can be very beneficial in treating specific ailments.              

1 hour €40.00      

Fertility Reflexology 

Used in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle changes, Reflexology can be very effective in clearing toxins from the body, balancing hormones and reducing stress in preparation for conception.

1 hour €40.00

Maternity Reflexology 

During pregnancy, Reflexology can help with most pregnancy related conditions and discomforts such as back ache, constipation, digestive problems, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, pelvic girdle pain and much more. It is also a lovely treat for an expectant mother. 

Studies have shown that "Reflexology babies" are calmer babies and better sleepers. 

1 hour - €40.00

Reflexology for Menopause

A deeply relaxing treatment designed to support ladies going through Peri menopause, Menopause & Post Menopause and help them to alleviate symptoms of Menopause. This treatment incorporates Facial, Hand and Foot reflexology and helps reduce symptoms on a physical, emotional and energetic level. This treatment was designed by world renowned Reflexologist Ziggie Bergman and can help with the following symptoms 

☆Anxiety attacks


☆Sluggish Digestive System 

☆Hot Flushes 

☆Hair Thinning

☆Hormone imbalance

☆Boosts Immune System 


☆Brain Fog


☆Tension in the body


☆Improve Sleep Patrerns

☆Aches & Pains


75 Minutes - €70.00